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    The inheritance and innovation of Chinese arts and crafts

    The inheritance and innovation of Chinese arts and crafts


    These original handicrafts is so beautiful!" Fuzhou citizen aunt Chen. 24 in the afternoon, 2019, "originality connotation" - fujian and Taiwan wen gen week museum opened in fujian. Wen gen weeks show colorful wen gen taiwang strait products, attracted many people to visit.


    It is understood that this activity for five days, in order to "by the department of the Taiwan straits, creativity better homes" as the theme, the invitation from Taipei, taichung, and kaohsiung, kinmen and matsu and penghu of more than 80 Taiwan, entrepreneurs, and more than 20 local entrepreneurs, fujian show exquisite article and the design between fujian and Taiwan products together, deepen the fujian and Taiwan in wen gen and tourism exchanges and cooperation. Activity master invited senior hand made from Taiwan to share will hold feature, around hand composition and the product's value proposition, design thinking, the industrial chain of aesthetic accomplishment, etc., and fujian entrepreneurs for experience sharing and exchange and dialogue.


    2019 "originality connotation" - fujian and Taiwan a week activities, culture and tourism in fujian province hall is in the field of culture and tourism to further promote the development of the cross-strait integration, to build Taiwan entrepreneurs, wen wen brigade enterprise "first home" actively explore in mainland China. Held in fujian and Taiwan wen gen bazaar living at the same time, the organizers have arranged article entrepreneurs on both sides of the Taiwan straits started communication, visiting, docking, and other rich activities, let the entrepreneur is a more comprehensive understanding of fujian hui Taiwan policy, more intuitive feelings of wen gen industry market. Organizers hope that, through a series of activities, on both sides, for entrepreneurs to provide the window of the display text and quality products and the exchange of mutual learning platform, promote cross-strait article entrepreneurs to jointly explore the inheritance and innovation of traditional craft, fujian and Taiwan to promote cross-strait wen gen industrial convergence development.


    This activity guided by Chinese culture association, culture and tourism in fujian province hall hosted, fujian and Taiwan cultural exchange center of fujian province, fujian museum undertaking